More presenters will be announced in the near future.

David A. Clifton

David A. Clifton is Professor of Clinical Machine Learning in the Department of Engineering Science of the University of Oxford, and OCC Fellow in AI & Machine Learning at Reuben College, Oxford. He is a Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Visiting Chair in AI for Healthcare at the University of Manchester, and a Fellow of Fudan University, China. He studied Information Engineering at Oxford's Department of Engineering Science, supervised by Prof. Lionel Tarassenko CBE, Chair of Electrical Engineering. His research focuses on the development of machine learning for tracking the health of complex systems.

Cristina Soguero Ruiz

Cristina Soguero Ruiz received the Telecommunication Engineering and the Business Degree from Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain, in 2011, and the Ph.D. Degree in machine learning with applications in healthcare, with the Joint Doctoral Program in Multimedia and Communications in conjunction with Rey Juan Carlos University and the University Carlos III of Madrid, in 2015. She was supported by FPU Spanish Research and Teaching Fellowship (granted in 2012). She won the Orange Foundation Best Ph.D. Thesis Award by the Spanish Official College of Telecommunication Engineering. She has published more than 30 papers in JCR journals and 50 international conference communications. She has participated in several research projects (with public and private fundings) related to healthcare data-driven machine learning systems, being principal investigator of 5 (including an european project). Her current research interests include machine learning, data science, and statistical learning theory.

Anne Torill Nordsletta

Anne Torill Nordsletta er avdelingsleder for Helsedata og analyse ved Nasjonal senter for e-helseforskning. Nordsletta har erfaring fra forskningsinstitusjon, sykehus, offentlig forvaltning, og det private næringsliv, både i Norge og USA. Senest som seniorrådgiver ved Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet og som prosjektleder og business analyst for utviklere, forskere, og ledelsen ved Mayo Clinic Cancer Center og “Alliance” som er etablert allianse for kliniske onkologi studier i USA og Canada . Nordsletta har en MBA fra Saint Mary´s University, Minneapolis, graden Cand.Agric. innen økonomi og ressursforvaltning fra Universitetet for Miljø og Biovitenskap, og har delvis gjennomført management programmet ved BI Handelshøyskolen og tatt kurs ved Education Doctoral Degree ledelsesprogrammet ved Saint Mary´s University.

Habib Zaidi

Professor Habib Zaidi is Chief physicist and head of the PET Instrumentation & Neuroimaging Laboratory at Geneva University Hospital and faculty member at the medical school of Geneva University. He is also a Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Groningen (Netherlands), and Adjunct Professor of Molecular Imaging at the University of Southern Denmark. He is actively involved in developing imaging solutions for cutting-edge interdisciplinary biomedical research and clinical diagnosis in addition to lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate courses on medical physics and medical imaging.

Bart Geerts

Bart Geerts is an anaesthetist, intensive care physician and clinical pharmacologist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Bart is an academic researcher with an interest in perioperative process optimisation. In his clinical work, through research and innovation, his aim is to achieve better outcomes by enabling more proactive provision of care and getting more insights from existing data. Three years ago, Bart started This start-up of eight people is currently performing clinical trials in three European sites to study the impact of a machine-learning tool, called PERISCOPE, that predicts infections after surgery in adults. He is hoping to make a dent in one of the major problems occurring in surgical care today. Bart has an MD, PhD in intensive care medicine, and an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Leiden University (the Netherlands), and an MBA from IE University in Madrid (Spain).

Brita Elvevåg

Brita Elvevåg is an academic researcher internationally recognized for her research in psychiatry that uses natural language processing methods to improve assessment. Her current research focuses on the viability of artificial intelligence to enable the remote monitoring of patients’ cognitive and mental states, specifically via speech. She started her research career with a PhD in experimental psychology (cognitive neuroscience) from the University of Cambridge (UK), and then continued full-time research at the National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland (USA). In 2010 she joined the University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway – where she is Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Clinical Medicine. She has published over 100 scientific articles.

Stian Normann Anfinsen

Stian Normann Anfinsen is head of the Machine Learning Group at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He received the M.Sc. degree in communications, control, and digital signal processing from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK (1998), and the Cand.mag. (1997), Cand.scient. (2000) and Ph.D. degrees (2010) in physics from UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway. Since 2014 he has been an Associate Professor with the Department of Physics and Technology at UiT, formerly with the Earth Observation Group and currently with Machine Learning Group, where he is leading research activities on energy analytics and machine learning for oncological medical imaging. He leads the machine learning work package in the preclinical project of 180N - Norwegian Nuclear Medicine Consortium, and is also affiliated with the machine learning work package in the clinical project. His research interests are in statistical modelling, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms for image, graph and time series analysis.

Tor Ingebrigtsen

Tor Ingebrigtsen is professor of clinical neurosurgery in the Department of Clinical Medicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway, and a visiting professor to the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He is one of the co-founders of the Norwegian Registry for Spine Surgery (NORspine). His research focuses on clinical quality registries in cerebrovascular and spine surgery, guideline development and implementation and health IT. At the conference, he will review publications about utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in analysis of register data, and present ongoing work in the NORspine-registry, which aims to develop a machine learning-based real-time decision support for spine surgery, fully integrated in the electronic health record.

Kasper Jensen

Kasper Jensen is a solution architect and healthcare solution expert who is passionate about driving change in both the public and private healthcare through IT-architecture. He has been working with digitalization, healthcare, and natural language processing for a decade with both a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark and a Postdoc from the Norwegian Centre of E-health research. He has serval high impact research publications in journals including Nature Scientific Reports and Nature Communications.

Robert Jenssen

Robert Jenssen is Professor and Head of the Machine Learning Group at UiT The Arctic University of Norway: He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo, Norway. Jenssen received the Dr. Scient (PhD) degree from UiT in 2005. He has had long-term research stays at the University of Florida, at the Technical University of Berlin, and at the Technical University of Denmark. Jenssen's research interests are in the development of novel machine learning methodology, particularly at the intersection of deep learning and kernel machines, with applications in data-driven health technology and in image analysis. Jenssen is a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, a member of the Governing Board of IAPR, and an Associate Editor for the journal Pattern Recognition.

Finn Henry Hansen

Finn Henry Hansen er direktør i stab i Helse Nord RHF. De siste årene har han hatt særlig ansvar for samhandling, e-helse og nasjonale kvalitetsregistre, men har tidligere ellers hatt bredt ansvar innen en rekke felt av helsetjenesten. Hansen er utdannet statsviter og har jobbet med helsetjenesten i hele sin yrkeskarriere, både som forsker og leder. Hansen har vært tilknyttet Universitetet i Bergen, Universitetet i Tromsø og Høgskolen i Bodø, har hatt forskningsopphold ved University og Wisconsin-Madison og Stanford University, og har hatt flere opphold i National Health Service i England. Han var fylkeshelsesjef i Hordaland 1991-97, fylkeshelsesjef i Nordland 1997-2000, forskningssjef i SINTEF 2000-2001, og har siden siden 2002 inngått i ledelsen i Helse Nord RHF, de fleste av disse årene som stedfortreder for adm .direktør. Hansen har ledet og deltatt i en rekke nasjonale og regionale utvalg og arbeidsgrupper innen helsetjenesten. De siste 8 årene har han vært medlem av styringsgruppen for Nasjonalt senter for telemedisin (2011-2015) og Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning (2016-2019).